Stained Glass Restoration and Creation

Our studios not only create new designs and concepts, but are also talented and experience in restoring older works of art. With exposure to the elements, stained glass will begin deteriorating over time. Protecting your investment requires routine maintenance and careful inspection by qualified and trained professionals from an approved studio. Any inspector should have the approval of the Stained Glass Association of America.

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Our designers and artists have been commissioned to restore historic stained glass from "John LeFarge" - renowned stained glass artist and creator of historic glass from the "Franz Mayer Studio" of Munich. Like these, each of our projects serve as a testament to the outstanding quality of our stained glass design, restoration, and construction.

Our restoration and design is handled by Salem Stained Glass, of Winston Salem, NC. Since 1985, they have demonstrated their craftsmanship through dedicated artists. We use only quality glass and materials while making our windows very affordable. We have several sample windows and art renderings that reflect the variety and diversity of our design and art capabilities. We also have renderings of many other custom art works that we have accomplished across the eastern United States. These renderings offer only a glimpse of the diversity, variety and talent of our artists and designers. We feel we have more talent and experience in our studios than any other maker of custom glass in the country. As we see the architectural design of your building and listen to the desires of your staff, we can gather these ideas into designs that will provide custom, beautiful works of art through your sanctuary windows. Our stained glass is designed and installed by some of the finest craftsmen and artists in the industry. Our windows not only influence a believer initially, but just as important, create a worshipful environment. We have many standard designs or we can offer custom-made designs to fit your specific architectural needs.

Stained Glass Window with Jesus PrayingWe know stained glass windows not only influence those who see the artwork initially, but just as important, they create a worshipful environment. There is no other art medium that uses direct sunlight to produce pure, transmitted color. The medieval stained glass artists knew this concept well. They would use color and light to teach and create specific moods. The success lies in the influence of color, light, movement and concept. These are just a few of the elements that we use as a basis for quality design. We are also members of the Stained Glass Association for new and restoration work.

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